Several years ago the Central Coast Aboriginal Health Action Group was formed.
One of the main aims of this group was to secure funding for culturally appropriate Aboriginal health services on the Central Coast.
The Health Action group approached the Central Coast Division of General Practice for assistance in the securing of funding to set up an Aboriginal health service.
In April 1995 the Division of General Practice gave the Central Coast Aboriginal Health Group a grant to help set up the Health Centre. General Practitioners from the Division offered to help with the provision of services at the centre.
It was decided to call the Centre the Eleanor Duncan Health Centre in honour of Eleanor Duncan who was a well respected member of the local Aboriginal Community.
Eleanor was a registered nurse, who completed her training at both Moree and Narrabri District Hospitals. Eleanor was just one of thousands of Aboriginal people who suffered from poor health outcomes and unfortunately became one of many health statistics for Aboriginal people, passing at the early age of 48.
After much searching, premises were leased at Wyong and with many donations from organizations and individuals the Centre opened in September, 1995.
Yerin Aboriginal Health Services was incorporated in February, 1996 and is the aspiring organization of the Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health Centre.
The 2006 Census dataindicated the Central Coast population to be 297,958 people, making it one of the fastest growing regions in NSW.Of the recorded data there are 6,454 Aboriginal people on the Central Coast.
The Darkinjung Aboriginal Land Council indicated that due to the number of people who do not identify themselves as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, the population estimate could be as high as 8,500.
The Eleanor Duncan Aboriginal Health Centre provides Primary Health care services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in The Wyong Community of The Central Coast.
The three centre locations has enabled the development and successful inplementations of various programs that are essential for the physical and cultural well being of the Indigenious people.
Aboriginal families will be able to make connections with support that is culturally specific and sensitive, develop trusting relationships with workers.

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